book your scrap car collection online or by phone we confirm that we've agreed to get rid of your car your scrap cars will be collected by fully licensed vehicle recovery teams we complete all relevant car scrappage paperwork we do not dump tyres, resell vehicles or break the rules we do recycle all vehicles collected, care for the environment and follow the rules
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Free scrap car collection

If you have a scrap car or other vehicle that has come to the end of its life, don't pay someone to take it away. We provide free scrap car removal for M.O.T. failures, accident or fire damaged cars and other unwanted vehicles. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and provide the official DVLA certificate of destruction upon completing the scrap process. All vehicles we collect are recycled at licensed treatment facilities making sure that the whole process is done in line with current government legislation and also that the effect on the environment is kept to a minimum.

How do I scrap my car? All you have to do is complete and submit our form. Your scrap car will be collected free of charge by one of our licensed car scrappage teams. We specialise in scrap car disposal and can complete all the relevant paperwork for you and we will even notify the DVLA. Your scrap car will be scrapped in accordance with current Government legislation at a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF.

We appreciate that it may not be possible to collect your scrap cars during the day, which is why our scrap car collections service operates early mornings, during the day and in the evenings six days per week. If you are scrapping a car we make it as safe, quick and as easy as possible.

Scrapping a Car Legally

When we scrap a car we send you the official certificate of destruction from the DVLA. This proves that your scrap car has been legally disposed of and all recyclable parts have been recycled where possible. You've done your bit for the environment and are safe in the knowledge that your scrap car has actually been disposed of in a legal and environmentally sound way.

Some less reputable car scrapping companies may sell on your scrap cars for profit or even allow them to be used in the commission of criminal offences. Scrapping a car legally is often the last thing on these rogue companies minds and unless the DVLA are informed of the change of ownership, the last registered keeper, you, will be held responsible for their scrap cars. For complete peace of mind, when you think 'I need to scrap my car', look no further than VRS LTD.

Make sure your scrap car collections are arranged by a licensed and professional car scrappage company who intend to dispose of your scrap vehicle and supply the official DVLA certificate of destruction. This proves the scrap car disposal was completed in the correct way and could save you a great deal of potential hassle whilst also giving you complete peace of mind.

Avoid the temptation of selling your scrap car for cash, as this entitles the buyer to do whatever they like with the vehicle. The car scrapping company may not scrap your car and it could end up being sold on for profit. Scrap cars like these are often not roadworthy and could potentially be death traps in the literal sense.

The car scrap industry has attracted a lot of undesirable people looking to make a quick buck by offering money for scrap cars, but they don't actually know how to scrap a car properly. In order to make scrap car disposal cheaper and save themselves money, they often skip the important and legally required steps. Sometimes these rogue traders fail to pay for the car on arrival, they might sell the car for scrap metal without de-polluting it first, which is illegal and would lead to you being fined. They could sell on the car without filling in the correct documentation, which would leave you, the scrap car owner, in the lurch and liable to fines and penalty points on your driving license. We make sure that whenever we scrap a car, it is done following strict guidelines at a fully licensed ATF. We also provide proof of car scrappage in the form of an official certificate of destruction directly from the DVLA.

Why Scrap Your Car?

Why would you want to scrap your car? If your car has run out of tax, the M.O.T. has expired or the insurance has lapsed, you are at risk of a hefty fine and points on your driving license. If you don't want an old car then why risk the chance of a fine when we offer free scrap car removals and we will get it professionally scrapped for free at a time to suit you?

Scrap your car the safe and easy way with us. Just complete our simple form or call one of helpful staff to arrange your free scrap car removal. We know how to scrap a car as we have been scrapping cars for years, our experience allows us to make the whole process run smoothly for you with no risk of problems in the future.

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We offer:

  • FREE scrap car collection
  • Scrap cars recycled at a local ATF
  • DVLA Certificate of destruction issued
  • Flexible collection times for scrap cars
  • Multiple recovery vehicles for all situations
  • Polite well trained and experienced staff
  • Professional, licensed and reliable service.
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