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Car Scrappage Process - How We Scrap Your Car

You fill in our form online or call one of our team.

We collect and scrap your car or vehicle at a time to suit you. We can collect most vehicles within 48 hours and some some within 24 hours. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Your vehicle is taken to an registered and authorised de-pollution centre. These centres are the only legal place to destroy a scrap car as they follow a strict environmental car scrappage procedure to ensure the minimum damage to the environment. Getting your car scrapped at a scrap yard that is not an ATF is an offence and could lead to a fine for the last registered keeper of the vehicle.

Your scrap vehicle is then dismantled and all harmful waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

During the car scrappage process materials which can be recycled and any car parts that can be re-used are removed.

You receive an official Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA and are safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is off the road and you are no longer responsible for it.

You can claim back any full months of road tax which were left on the vehicle when it was scrapped. Remember to take your tax disc out of the vehicle just before collection as you will need to send this off to reclaim your tax.

There are no fees for us to collect your vehicle and we provide the certificate of destruction free of charge. So there really is no cost, no worries and no fuss with our car scrappage service.

We notify the DVLA that your has been through the car scrappage process, we also advise that you keep section 9 of your V5c/Logbook and send this directly to the DVLA with a cover note stating when the vehicle was removed to be scrapped.

Call us today or fill in our form to get your scrap vehicle collected. If you have any questions at all we will try our best to help.

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We offer:

  • FREE scrap car collection
  • Scrap cars recycled at a local ATF
  • DVLA Certificate of destruction issued
  • Flexible collection times for scrap cars
  • Multiple recovery vehicles for all situations
  • Polite well trained and experienced staff
  • Professional, licensed and reliable service.
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